Project Management

“In her role as Education Specialist at the K-16 Center, Mary Lorenz provided leadership to the multi-year Credit-by-Exam/Exams for Acceleration (CBEs/EAs) Rewrite Project intended to bring kindergarten through high school CBEs/EAs up to new state standards (over 400 exams) (Texas Administrative Code, §74.24).  She designed and delivered training for the summer writing academy and shepherded 30+ consultants/subject matter experts through all phases from item writing to live exams. Her ability to work with people, attention to detail, thorough knowledge of assessment and content, and tenacity resulted in quality assessments that are used to successfully place students in school districts across the state.   She made it happen!” –JK

“When you started at TEA one great benefit to the department was when you took all of our teacher data from PEIMS and put it into access.  Over time you developed a tremendous system for allow us to contact our teachers electronically.  You volunteered to the do the project, learned Access, and really ran with the ball.  The result was a great way for us to directly support the teachers in the field!  You broke the teachers down in the system, the courses they taught, etc. so we could communicate with sub groups as needed.” –RG

“Mary Lorenz is highly skilled with Excel spreadsheets.  The work performed in the Curriculum Division was tightly coordinated and exacting.  We did not have project management software; thus, Mary created a five-year, multi-page spreadsheet for our online high school courses project.  The spreadsheet contained pages for every portion of the project and ranged from budgets, to contractors, to workflow, to contingency plans, to reviews and maintenance/updates.  We printed the pages (creating a document approximately 5’x3’) and posted it across the main cubicle wall.  The document was regularly updated and served as a great visual aid when we needed to explain our work and pinpoint our status on any of the courses. Her knowledge, skills, and experience of Excel, project management, and Texas curriculum, coupled with her ability to work well with people contributed to the success of the online courses project.” –JK

“Mary Lorenz and I worked together in the Career and Technology Division at the Texas Education Agency. Mary was a program director and I served as a budget analyst. Part of my duties was to assign applications for Carl Perkins funding to program directors for curriculum review. Mary was so very organized, keeping an accurate paper trail on all applications assigned to her. Mary showed me how she kept track of her applications and I was very impressed how she made sure that all her applications were properly reviewed and returned to me for budget review.” –TR


“Mary, I genuinely enjoyed the training on Friday. I had heard from other teachers that you were really responsive to students’ individual needs.  I discovered you to be a brilliant intellect and wildly talented.  Thank you for caring so much about us.” –SD

“You have made a huge, positive impact on me as a professional. For example, as you led the training for new Mentors, I personally felt as if the sessions were designed just for me. You were thorough, concise and cheerful. This made me, as well as my fellow Mentors, feel completely at ease. You welcomed any and all questions and concerns. I was comfortable and enabled to learn at my maximum capacity during each day. After the training and when we began mentoring, you invited us to call you on your personal cell phone. Whenever I called you regarding questions my teachers had, you would respond immediately and effectively. Thus, the overall result of your expertise and creative training style produced top notch Mentors for the Texas State Adult Educator Credential.” –MBH

“In addition to the typical idealistic speakers and workshop leaders, you managed to seek out and bring in real classroom teachers, who were quite successful, without having great amounts of funds supporting their activities. Those teachers had real time answers to the questions I was asking myself. Your understanding of the real issues classroom teachers, myself in particular, were dealing with made your presence in the state agency quite valuable.” –SW


“Mary Lorenz was the initial trainer and my mentor during the process of completing my Adult Education credential.  First, she was the initial trainer for adult education instructors going through the process to obtain their Adult Education credential.  For example, she developed and improved the user interface using a blend of online learning and face to face learning. She collaborated with other colleagues for the planning of the new interface of the credential training for instructors who were not able to attend a face to face training.  Most importantly she knew the subject matter and knew how to help other instructors improve their writing process to obtain the goal of an adult education credential.  Secondly, she mentored me during the process of completing my credential and beyond.  during the credential process, I had to write reflections on professional development trainings I completed.  I sometimes would seem overwhelmed, however, when talking with Mrs. Lorenz, she provided support with questions I had, provided encouragement when I just wanted to quit, and eventually train me to be a trainer for the credential project.” –TL

“Mary Lorenz, impacted my decision to move forward on completing the Adult Education credential through her willingness to mentor and provide various ways to understand what was expected in writing my reflection and the impact that this would have on the success of my students. Mary Lorenz actually took the time to mentor me according to my learning style (ie Kinesthetic, and visual). She provided examples that reflected my learning styles and allowed me to understand the verbiage presented in the PD workbook.  If it were not for the compassion that Mary showed to me and the passion that she has for the credential I don’t think that I would have finished in less than a month (with reflections longer than 6 pages), nor would I have advocated for the credential.   As a result the Southwest region (NEISD Adult Basic Ed), has had 4 teachers complete the credential and others in the process of working on it.  Because of the impression that Mary left with me I have been able to transfer it to other teachers with the understanding of why the process in writing reflections means more than just obtaining the credential it is a tool for assessing our student learning and classroom
instruction in order to  improve our student success”. –ME

“Mary I want to say thank you for your  consistency, confidence, and compassion that you bestowed upon ALL of us. You encouraged, praised, and helped us believe in ourselves. Many blessings to you and too all your endeavors. Warm Regards, SHN”

“Mary Lorenz has been so encouraging and I really appreciated having her guidance.” –JC

“The moment I remember the clearest is when I first met you and you introduced us to the Texas Teacher Credential Program. It was I believe in San Antonio maybe four years ago at a TALAE Conference. I do not know if this counts but I do know that it impacted me because shortly thereafter I was on the road to beginning then a year and a half later completing my credential. I learned a lot while completing my credential. I changed and evolved as a teacher and became more confident in my daily lessons. I was later also chosen to be a mentor for the Texas Teacher Credential program and that too has greatly impacted my personal and professional life. Yes, Mary Lorenz, working with you has made a difference for me.” –KS

“After working with Mary Lorenz, I have focused a lot on self-motivation or in self-motivated learning. In other words, I teach my students how to learn. I feel that Mary’s methodology is what has moved me to do this more effectively. Mary trusts our judgment and offers advice or even suggestions but she leaves the bottom line decisions up to us. This has pushed me to encourage my students to become independent learners. I believe my power of persuasion and my teaching potential have risen drastically since I have had the opportunity to work with Mary Lorenz not only with the completion of my Texas Teacher Credential, but also with the involvement with the Transition Summer Mentor Mentee Program. Her leadership and guidance has definitely made a drastic difference in the outcome of my teaching. I have become a better teacher and instead of making myself comfortable in a daily and yearly routine where I did not have to second guess myself or to learn about and try new strategies, I have stood up, looked up and began a journey that at this point I see no end to. I will continue to grow and flourish as a teacher. Thank you Mary Lorenz.” –KS